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Tools for Guest Posting

We've worked hard to develop tools that will help you find sites that accept guest posts, locate the names of editors, find their email address, put together your email pitch, and more. They are fast, reliable, and are constantly updated. Give our free tools a try and upgrade to pro to get access to our most powerful tools!

We’ve built a powerful tool that scrapes the web for websites that accept guest posts for any given keyword. After finding a short list of high authority sites for your keyword, it then locates... Read more

Once you've found a website you want to write for, you'll want to get in touch with the editors and pitch them some great content. We built a free tool that will help you put together an email... Read more

Before you consider writing for a blog, you first want to do some research to see if its in good standing, and to see how established they are. We've put together this tool to quickly... Read more

You've found a new blog you want to write for, but you can't find their contact information anywhere. That's why we've created this tool; simply enter a blog URL, click "Scrape Email" and... Read more